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Databases are basically just a collection of data that can be searched, allowing websites to gather information and present it to the user.  While any information can be stored in a database, there are some things that they are better suited for than others, such as contact information and phone lists, and product inventories and price lists.

An example of how a database can be used with a website to increase productivity would be a contact form.  Most website contact forms simply email the results to the owners, but with a database all the information that is gathered can be stored and reviewed at a later time.  The information can be tracked, notes can be added, and the information can flow through your company ensuring that everyone that needs to see it can access it in an easy to use format.  Users can also be allowed to update their own information when they change addresses or phone numbers.  They could even create their own profiles that could be searched and shared with other users, updating their status or passing messages back and forth.

The potential uses for databases are limitless.  If you would like LMM Graphics to help show you how a database can be used to enhance your site, contact us now!

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