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Welcome to our web world

Welcome to LMM Graphics LLC.  We offer excellent design, programming and marketing. We are excited to announce the launch of the Shannon Miller Walk Fit web site.  Our company provided the excellent programming that made the site possible. 

Call us to see how we can get your site functional. You will be glad you did!

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Welcome to LMM Graphics

Graphic Design
SEO/Search Engine Optimizaion
Post Cards & Direct Mail
Corporate Identity Branding
Newsletters & Company Magazines
Newspaper and Magazine Ads
Print, Trifolds, Bifolds & Business Cards
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Our Story

LMM Graphics originated in Oxford, England

LMM Graphics is a full in house graphic design company. The company started in 2007 by Lorna Morris LMM Graphics is a woman owned business. Lorna comes from Oxford, England and now resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lorna graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Communications and Public Relations. In 2010 Lorna further expanded LMM Graphics to include programming. With this expansion the company has grown to a full service in house graphic design and programming company.

Beautiful Images

Our site is designed to bring excitement back into the design elements.  We believe that your web site should be interactive, fun, informative, and useful, our site is designed using unique programming skills.  You will enjoy the several elements on our site.

British photos are used on many of our site pages, images of Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas are used to enhance the look and feel of the site. This image is of the rooftops of Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera can be seen in the photo, the Radcliffe Camera, a library is said to have housed every book ever published in the United Kingdom.

 View of the Radcliffe Camera Library.

The Radcliffe Camera Library in Oxford, England where LMM Graphics began 

Gathering Information

 Gathering information for your site,  is important to maintain consistency on your site.  Images and design should be in harmony with one another.  The look and feel of your site should speak to your industry and clients.  A well designed site must have scalability and functionality.  The information that is on your site must be useful to the viewer, if the information is displayed and easily found, than your viewer will be at ease on your site.  Many times a viewer will become frustrated with too much information or information that is difficult to find.
The content of your site will help with Search Engine Optimization, a blog section will help to keep your site current while providing fresh new information to keep your viewer engaged.


Keep it interesting...

Photo manipulation of an image taken of the Jacksonville LandingInteresting images will keep your viewers engaged, you can add different images  to your site, this will ensure that your site will not bore your viewers. 


Your Door

Open doors to your site, let your clients know there is new and fresh information available, do not let your site become stagnant.  A few things to remember:

  1. Keep your site fresh
  2. Maintain Consistancy
  3. Keep Layouts simple for your viewer
  4. Brand your site
  5. Provide pleanty of content
  6. Fonts should be easy to read
  7. Take pride in your site, this will trickle to your customers, clients and industry professional

The Carfax Tower in Oxford, England is all that remains of the 13th Century St. Martin's ChurchThank you for viewing our Story, if you wish to contact us, please do so on the contact us page.

Made in America

All websites by LMM Graphics are proudly built, hosted and programmed in the United States

Your website is proudly built, hosted, and programmed in the United States!

Captcha code not capturing?

Are you tired of logging on to your email, only to find that you have been spammed several hundred times? Our clients site was getting a tremendous amount of spam on the web site.   The spammers were getting around the captcha code, overseas spammers were busy throughout the night dropping unwanted products and spam into the inbox of unsuspecting web sites. Our programming team wrote a routine to knock out spammers and bring the spammers to a complete halt.  Not only did the spammers get blocked but they were also sent a message from the routine telling them that they...

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